Established as far back as 1966 for the manufacture of machines to wash mechanical parts during overhauling, PASSAPONTI has over the years developed a wide range of plants and systems for washing and surface treatment by means of water-based detergents, widely used in the production lines of the mechanical, automotive and aerospace industry, then assuming the name of "PASSAPONTI metal cleaning technology" to better identify the company as a "global partner".

Cleaning of metal parts Passaponti

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The firm's strategy has always been oriented to "solve the problem" through examination of the customer's requirements from both the mechanical and the chemical standpoint, while taking account of the environmental conditions, in which the work has to be performed, offering the complete engineering of the system. Flexibility and creativity thus underlie the firm's philosophy and, allied with a strict quality control, constitute the ingredients of success.

 "PASSAPONTI metal cleaning technology" production schedule is therefore much wider than can be illustrated by catalogues and audiovisuals which can be supplied to customers, ranging from standardized machines to multistage automatic plants, and including derived models and accessories to meet all customer requirements, also according to ISO and MIL specifications.

PASSAPONTI washing machines and plants have been experienced in many fields and by prestigious customers throughout the world and even if listing all uses is impossible, some examples may be of assistance in giving some ideas of the many possible applications and, even more important, of the wide experience acquired in specific fields where is possible to offer a real "technologic package".

Safety and Quality - Passaponti is directly involved with his experts and cooperate with CEN to develop the European Safety standards (EN standards for cleaning machines) and ISO for precision cleaning standardization of hydraulic and automotive components.


Products and services

Machines and systems for water base detergents and hydrocarbons for:

  •   production lines and cells in the automotive, aerospace and the

      mechanical industry

  •   overhaul and maintenance applications in the transport industry and
        the Defence
  •   laboratories and cleaning validation

Machine and systems for non destructive controls by penetrant liquids

Chemical Specialties for

  •    interprocess and precision cleaning for all the application

   in the mechanical, automotive and aerospace industry

Development and validation of processes for precision cleaning according to ISO 18413 (hydraulic componennts) and ISO 16232 (road vehicles components)

  •  Analisys of contaminants according ISO 16232 (road vehicles components) and ISO 18413  (hydraulic componennts)
  •   laboratory and operational development of cleaning processes
  •   laboratory tests for precision cleaning validation
  •   training of personnel

Safety of machinery according to UE Directive CE37/98 and EN 12921.1.2.3 - safety of machines for cleaning and surface treatment of industrial items using liquids or vapours