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ultrasonic static tanks for labs and small jobs

Lab-Sonic® tanks represent a complete range of static washers for ultrasonic cleaning. Designed and constructed with the accuracy and quality control for the use in laboratories they are also used in the production cycles and maintenance applications for cleaning of small parts in limited quantities.

The range meets all the possible needs for which an industrial machine could be excessive, with three floor-mounted models and seven models for bench use.

ultrasonic washers for laboratory and industrial applications

ultrasonic washers for laboratory and industrial applications

The frequency of 40 kHz with +/- 1% accuracy is suitable for all applications, also on surfaces that could be damaged by lower frequencies. Transducers are of the piezoelectric type, with a generator from General Electric with above 90% efficiency and a high level of the cavitation.
Tanks are made from AISI 316 stainless steel with thermal and acoustic insulation and electric heating with temperature control by thermostat. A cutout at the low level protects both the heating system and the ultrasonic transducers of machines with higher liquid capacity.

Ultrasonic output can be adjusted from 50% till full power according to the applications while the cycle time is controlled by an electronic timer. These features are very important for homogeneous and constant cleaning results to verify cleanliness according to ISO 18413 and ISO 16232 standards.