Metal Parts Cleaning Machines




Machines by cleaning method


Immersion Cleaning

Spray Cleaning


   top loading dunking washers

Agi-Dip Ecomatic

   front loading dunking washers

Agi-Dip® Hyper

   precision cleaning by immersion


    immersion with revolving basket


    multistage automatic lines


    immersion-spray automated washer

Roto-Jet®New model!

   top loading motor driven rotary table washer


   front loading rotary table spray washers

Roto-Cab® WR

   wash-rinse-dry automated washers


   stationary platform reciprocating jets


   spray with revolving basket

Linear Tunnels

   single and multistage


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Machines for cells


    ultrasonic tanks for labs & small jobs

  single-multi stage ultrasonic washers

Agi-Dip® Ultrason

    top loading dunking washers
Agi-Dip® Ultrason Ecomatic

   front loading dunking washers

Agi-Dip® Hyper US

    precision cleaning by immersion

   multistage automatic lines

Roto-Jet® Cell New model!

    skid mounted with OILNET auto

Carosel 100 ®

    rotary table indexed spray washers

Carosel 200 ®

    single chain indexed spray washers

Carosel 300 ®

    twin chains indexed spray washers

Carosel 400 ®

    palletized indexed spray washers

Reciprocating Tunnels

     single and multistage tunnels

Roto-Cab® Cell

    front loading spray washers for cells


Combi immersion-spray

Ancillary equipment

R-Evolve®  New model!
      automatic immersion/spray wash-rinse-     vacuum drying - revolving basket

     automatic immersio/spray

Modular Flexible Systems

     multistage semi automatic lines

    OILNET® coalescers and oil separators

    MICRONET®  precision filtration systems

    RETEN-MIST®  mist eliminator - 3microns/97% efficiency

    VAPOR-MIST® vapor condenser without additional energy

    DI&Dry® The water recovery system

    from effluents and spent baths to DI water with"0" liquid discharge


Cleanliness quality test

Clean-Bay®   extraction & analysis test equipment for the evaluation of cleanliness according to ISO 16232 and ISO 18413

LAB-SONIC®  ultrasonic tankss for labs & small jobs

NDT by penetrant liquids
detergents for all the applications