spray washers for production cells

CAROSEL® washers are specifically designed for continuous operation in production cells where the load and the unload have to be done from the same side in coordination with the other machines in the cell.

They are therefore ideal for the automotive and aerospace industry for cleaning components in production.

spray washers for production cells

The typical cleaning process of the Carosel is based on wash-rinse-dry by means of water base detergents. Anyway, the machine can be also configured for just wash and blow-off offering a high level of cleanliness and output, thanks to the precision indexing at critical points.

Characterized by an extremely compact construction, these machines are based on a rotating platform or chain conveyor with fixtures to hold the parts that are moved according to the established process and time.

spray washers for production cells

The process is continuously active and parts are washed while pass through or stop at the index. The Carosel washer is extremely flexible that can be used either for large or medium production.

Two types of Carosel® washers are produced to meet all applications: "rotary table" and "chain conveyor". Controlled by a PLC with operator interface for monitoring both the process and the mechanical functions, these machines can be equipped with an automatic load/unload or interfaced with a robot.