Immersion-spray automatic washer for aqueous or hydrocarbons


The PETRO-CLEAN® washer is designed for the use with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and is featured and equipped to be classified type A1 (machines for flammable liquids not generating flammable atmosphere) according to the European safety standard  EN12921 part 3 for washing machines using flammable liquids.

PETRO-CLEAN®  is an automatic, three stage washer for wash-rinse and blow-off operations at medium-high productivity in the industrial processes where a high level of cleanness is required.

Typical applications are the cleaning after lapping or grinding of high precision components like parts of bearings, vacuum pumps, hydraulic components, gears and many others prior assembling, storing or packing.

immersion spray washing machine

The PETRO-CLEAN® washer uses the AGI-DIP® air-operated functional principle to provide, in one cabin, the immersion cleaning with vertical agitation, with or without ultrasonic energy, the spray rinse with pure solvent and the blow-off of solvent from surfaces. The full cycle is controlled by PLC according to the preset process times.

PETRO-CLEAN® is equipped with vertical door and loading platform for easy load/unload operation and maximum of safety. The automatic cycle is here below described:

  • The operator loads the platform with workpieces and pushes the START control for automatic process.
  • The platform with workpieces descends into the liquid and starts a vertical dunking movement.
  • At the end of the time set the platform rises at the rinse level and starts a vertical dunking movement through the jet. Workpieces are sprayed with clean liquid.
  • When the pump stops, the platform rises at the upper level where an air knife removes the excess of liquid from the workpieces.
The process time depends on the type of contaminant to be removed, characteristics of the liquid used, required cleanliness. However, typical applications after machining require 4/5 minutes corresponding to an output of 12-15 baskets per hour. Higher performances both in terms of cleaning and throughput can be achieved using ultrasounds and/or heating the liquid.

The PETRO-CLEAN® washer can be configured with separate tanks, filters and distiller and can be used with the drier PETROL-DRY®.