conveyorized spray washers for cells

RECIPROCATING TUNNELS are extremely compact in relation to the process accomplished, have a reduced front side and can be easily installed and moved in production cells.

These machines with reciprocating movement through the sprays are specifically designed for the automotive industry and applications requiring to load and unload from the same side.

Originally designed for cleaning lots of small parts in fixtured baskets they fit also precision cleaning of single parts with specific shape and requirements.

conveyorized spray washers for cells

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conveyorized spray washers for cells


Different from other machines the Reciprocating Tunnels are also suitable for cleaning parts with variable characteristics, with also the possibility to extend their use to a large variety of parts.

Parts to be washed are transferred from the load zone into the washer and starts the reciprocating movement through the jets. Parts are processed same way in the different areas for wash, rinse and dry then returning to the original position at the operators' desk.

For precision cleaning and reduced maintenance of the cleaning media the wash, rinse and drying process can be equipped with precision filtration (10:m absolute value), oil separation and more.
For maximum of efficiency and cut of downtime parts are prepared on a platform and transferred into the washer.
Forced ventilation is of the energy saving type (SAVRE) without ducts to the external, avoiding costs and making easy to move the machine at any moment.
The control system, based on the PLC, is equipped with operator interface and program panel with LC Display for setting and survey all the functions.