single chamber spray washers for production cells

ROTO-CAB® CELL washers have characteristics and functions similar to theROTO-CAB and ROTO-CAB WR but are different for their configuration, specifically designed for the use in production cells. These machines are characterized by their compactness having an extremely reduced front side and all the maintenance accesses from the rear side.

ROTO-CAB®CELL washers are mainly used in the automotive and aerospace industry where the production cycles are organized in "cells" with several machine tools working together.

They are designed to work in limited areas and to reduce downtime.

Machines are equipped with an inherently safe vertical door and parts are normally posed directly on the workload platform inside the machine. The door is operated by two pneumatic cylinders that stop automatically in case of a malfunction or unexpected lack of energy and is equipped with a safety light barrier for a complete automatic cycle. The operator load the parts and press the consent to the automatic cycle: the door closes and the wash cycle starts for the time set, at the cycle end the spray chamber is purged of vapours and the door opens. The door is also equipped with a safety interlock to prevent unexpected starts.

For specific applications the ROTO-CAB®CELL washers can be used with indexed sprays with or without rotation of the platform and equipped with fixtures and lock systems suitable to the parts to be washed.

Machines can be configured as a single stage - wash only - or multi-stages with wash, rinse and dry, if requested. Multistage washers are equipped with separate tanks and spray systems for each function.

The liquid reservoir is posed in the rear side of the machine easily accessible for all maintenance operations. It is equipped with facilities for manual and automatic fill, discharge of spent liquid, marine type clean out door for internal cleaning, low/high level control and overweir. Before reentering the spray circuit the wash liquid passes through a basket filter easily accessible for maintenance.

The temperature of the wash liquid is controlled by a thermostat with a temperature gauge on the control panel and the heaters have a heath flux not exceeding 7 w/cm2 for long life with reduced maintenance. Both the liquid reservoir and the spray chamber are insulated with mineral wool to reduce heath loss.

The electric box contains all the electric equipment, relays and instrumentation. The control panel is composed by all the instrument and lamps or the PLC program panel with LC Display for time and temperature setting, selection of function, heating up timer, fault survey and more for specific requirements.

For precise cleaning requirements, constant performances and reduced maintenance, the ROTO-CAB®CELL washers can be integrated with additional facilities and equipment: automatic filling with transfer of the liquid, mist eliminator RETEN-MIST® or vapour condenser VAPOR-MIST®, oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge type filtration, vacuum condensers DI&DRY® to separate contaminants and generating DI water in a closed circuit.