semiautomatic modular lines

The MODULAR FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS for metal cleaning and surface treatments are peculiar of PASSAPONTI's production program and represent the simplest way to solution of most cleaning problems soaring from production processes in the mechanical industry since they overcome the limits of customers' made plants: operating rigidness and high price.

The MODULAR FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS using standard machines allow to combine immersion and spray processes, to optimize the production output, to meet production requirements and the best return from the investment.

Modules used to build up a semi automatic plant using standard machines are represented by the machines here below reported with the relevant applications:

AGI-DIP and                         wash with agitation -
AGI-DIP ECOMATIC             ultrasonic cleaning

                                           rinse - passivation protection

AGI-DIP DRY® ECOMATIC   drying with hot and cols air

ROTO-CAB® and                  spray wash - automatic
ROTO-CAB®WR                   wash and rinse

                                            automatic wash rinse dry

The resulting combinations are practically limitless, accomplishing the solution of cleaning problems in different ways: the function (degreasing, derusting, pickling, rinsing, protection, phosphatization, drying), the method (immersion, spray, cold, hot), the production output.

The MODULAR FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS configuration has to be developed from the cleaning process and the productivity requirements but it enables also a gradual integration in different times saving the existing investment.

MODULAR FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS based on standard machines are constructed with three different washing volumes: mm. 320 x 480 x 200H or mm. 800 x 400 x 300H up to mm 1000 x 500 x 400 covering a wide range of applications. They can be enhanced with accessories as auto-fill with transfer of the liquid, mist eliminator RETEN-MIST®, vapour condenser VAPOR-MIST®,  oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge filters, DI&DRY® distillers.