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Manufacturing in automated cells?

Carosel washers represent the most advanced solution for cleaning parts in manufacturing cells. The CAROSEL washers series 100 e  300 are in service at the major manufacturers of vehicles and components in Europe and overseas.

OILNET® mobile - Oil and water go in together ........ and come out separate
OILNET® is not an "oil skimmer", disk or belt type, to remove the oil already separated from the water and floating on the surface. OILNET really separates the oil from the water: from 8 to 30 liters per minute capacity and more than 97% efficiency. Wherever oil and water have to be separated, OILNET works !  

A newcomer in the range of oil separators ! OILNET mobile can be used anywhere, for any application.
* No electric connections, only pneumatic
* up to 36 litters per minute capacity

Are you using ultrasonic?

You have therefore experienced all the drawbacks generated by the floating oil and the solid contaminants in suspension you cannot remove by filtration !! AGI-DIP HYPER solves these and other problems, increases the efficiency and the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning.


Dirt on "clean parts" from your washer?

An investigation made among users in the automotive industry, revealed that parts are contaminated during the drying cycle due to the accumulation of dirt transferred by the cleaning process. This is also he main concern for maintenance people to provide continuous cleaning of the drying stages in tunnel washers . Some users are asking to equip the drying stages with internal washing system.

The same investigation made on PASSAPONTI machines revealed that no one of the machine inspected have this problem and drying zones are perfectly clean even after long running.

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