automatic lines for multi-stages processes and high output

MULTI-DIP® automatic plants are designed for continuous operation in production cycles where high level of cleanliness and throughput are required. They are suitable for multiple treatments by immersion of parts in batches or on pallets.

Possible applications are all those which are typical for multi stage processes such as washing, degreasing, rinsing, passivation, protection, deoxidation, drying, NDT by penetrant liquids.

MULTI-DIP® automatic plants can be used with aqueous detergents and with hydrocarbons; they are used in the mechanical automotive and aerospace industry mainly for precision cleaning with or without ultrasonic.

Multi-Dip multi stage cleaning system
In the MULTI-DIP® plants all stages work contemporarily, aside their number and process times. This characteristic is at the base of the high productivity and flexibility offered by the system. The longest plant ever made has 36 fully automatic stages and is 48 meters long, the smallest one has only two stages and is less than three meters long.

multi stage cleaning system

Multi-Dip six stages with automatic load

The plant is floor mounted and easily accessible for inspection at all stages; it is composed by a rigid structure forming a complete enclosure extremely compact in all dimensions containing the operating stages and equipment.

The conveyor system providing the transfer of the basket from one stage to the other is operated by a pneumatic cylinder posed on the upper side of the plant. The conveyor is interlocked with the vertical movement of the process stages but functionally independent, this characteristic offers the following advantages:

  • Downtime during the process is minimized
  • No limitation or reduction of productivity in relation to the number of stages
  • No limitation in changing process times and process configuration
Operating stages contained in the carrying enclosure are constructed according to the functional principle of the AGI-DIP® washers. Each stage is an independent module with a platform with vertical movement autonomously operated. When all platforms are in standby, the system provides the transfer to the next stage. Each stage can be selected to stay longer in standby before the immersion. Whether the plant is not loaded a countdown start and it stops automatically when all the baskets are processed.

Functions are controlled by PLC with program panel and digital display for settings and monitoring of all functions.

MULTI-DIP® automatic plants can be integrated with different process and transport systems and equipped with automatic load and unload either open or closed loop system.

A wide range of accessories and ancillary equipment are available for specific requirements and applications. Among them: the auto-fill with transfer of the liquid, the mist eliminator RETEN-MIST®, vapour condenser VAPOR-MIST®,  oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge filters, DI&DRY® distiller in closed loop.