immersion washer with revolving drum

ROTO-DRUM® ECOMATIC is a single stage washer working by immersion with a basket rotating inside the liquid. They use the same pneumatic principle of the AGI-DIP to lift and lower the basket for loading and unloading. The basket can be drum type or any other contained in the volume.

ROTO-DRUM® ECOMATIC is therefore suitable for degreasing and to remove swarf and chips from pieces that, for their nature and shape, cannot be satisfaction cleaned either by the simple agitation or by spray.

Completely closed to prevent emissions of vapours in the labour environment, the ROTO-DRUM® ECOMATIC washers can be installed anywhere, are extremely compact and equipped with a front door for an easy load and unload.

The wash cycle is fully automatic: pressing the start control the platform descends into the liquid and the rotation starts. At the end of the time set, the platform rises at the unload level. The electronic timer along with the other instruments and control, are on the front, easily accessible

The ROTO-DRUM® ECOMATIC washers are designed for the use with water based cleaning liquids or with non-halogenated hydrocarbons when properly equipped with safety devices to be classified as "type A1" (machines not generating flammable vapours).

Heated models are insulated to prevent heath losses and equipped with thermostat, filling and overweir for floating oils. They can be also equipped with a wide range of accessories such as the oil separator OILNET® bag or cartridge type filtration systems, automatic filling and much more.

ROTO-DRUM® ULTRASON ECOMATIC is designed for the used with ultrasonic energy combined with the mechanical agitation offering the maximum of cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. Configured for ultrasounds, these washers are entirely made from AISI 316L stainless steel, are equipped with thermal and acoustic insulation and have an adjustable stroke to optimize the efficiency of the ultrasonic cavitation.

The piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers with frequencies from 25 kHz till 160 kHz for all applications, are contained in a sealed case immersed into the liquid, not welded or flanged, for easy maintenance. Push-Pull® tubular transducers made from titanium with 360° radiation and even higher performances can be also supplied.